Spring has arrived and so have the awards with the 522GW receiving an early Easter gift in the shape of an Indy Best Buy award with The Independent. In their round up of ‘Best Dash Cams’, The Independent, which receives 122 million monthly unique users, recommended the 522GW as it praised the award-winning model for being ‘packed with features and boasting 1440p HD recording, the 522GW is a worthy winner of our best buy’.

The article, also shared on Yahoo! News, further commented that ‘ the footage is excellent, both day and night, and it’s easy to download segments to the Nextbase app via Bluetooth’. Further reference was also made to its industry leading safety feature, Emergency SOS Response which ‘ will give the emergency services your location, and some medical details if you are ever in a crash and unresponsive’.

The 522GW was not the only Dash Cam mentioned, with the Nextbase 222 also receiving a glowing review. The reviewer noted that ‘This little beauty offers everything most drivers will ever need in a dash cam’.  The 222 was described as a ‘pure recording device’, with reference made to 1080p HD recording, Intelligent Parking Mode and the latest Click&Go PRO Mount.

The award-winning 522GW redefines the possibilities of a Dash Cam with a series of ground-breaking new features. This includes 1440p HD recording with the aid of an inbuilt polarising lens to dramatically reduce windscreen glare, Emergency SOS Response and Alexa Voice Control, the 522GW is a must-have this Easter. Both the 222 and 522GW Dash Cams are available to purchase direct via nextbase.com

Coverage links can be found here:

The Independent

Yahoo! News

Nextbase 522GW awarded Indy Best Buy - The Independent
By Nextbase
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