Nextbase Driving Intelligence Learning Modules

As part of our dedication to road safety, we have teamed up with IAM RoadSmart, the UK’s leading road safety charity, to offer free road safety learning modules giving expert driving tips and advice to thousands of Nextbase customers

Nextbase, making the UK's roads safer.

In order to access the Nextbase Driving Intelligence Learning Modules, all you need to do is make any Dash Cam purchase from and you will automatically receive an email to redeem.

If you purchased from a UK retailer simply complete the form below to be sent your login details.

Once you have redeemed the offer you will receive the details to access the Nextbase Driving Intelligence Learning Modules within 24 hours.

What does the Nextbase Driving Intelligence Learning Module contain?

Speed and Stopping Distances

Many of us will have learnt this for our test, but do we still remember any of it?

Smart Motorways

Smart Motorways have been introduced recently to the UK’s road network and have been contraversial. What do you know about them and do you understand all the rules?

Road Quiz

A quiz aimed to help you ensure your road knowledge is in tip top condition – can you get 100%?



We hope you enjoy these modules and improve your road safety knowledge!

Driving Intelligence Learning Modules FAQ

If you have ordered from Nextbase you will receive an email to click and redeem

If you have ordered from a Nextbase retailer then you simply need to complete the form on this page to redeem the offer and follow the instructions sent to you

With many people getting back on the road after a period of not driving this is a great free refresher course to help keep you safe

Driving Intelligence is a free online learning module aimed at improving road safety and awareness. It is a great knowledge base with content provided by IAM RoadSmart

IAM RoadSmart (formerly the Institute of Advanced Motorists) is a road safety charity focussed on improving driving and motorcycle riding standards. They have shared their expert knowledge of advanced driving techniques with Nextbase as the foundation of our Driving Intelligence Learning modules