Touch Screen

Touch screen from the 322GW up

All-new Series 2 products include touch screen panels, from the 322GW and up.

A touch screen allows the Dash Cam to be smaller and more discreet, while making the camera easier to use.

It also allows for “on Dash Cam editing,” where you can edit your videos on the touch screen, and then share a smaller clip showing just the incident.

Easy selection

Secondly, it makes the camera a lot easier to use, with each option on the screen being 1/4 or 1/2 of the whole screen it is a lot easier to make the selection you need.

Furthermore, this has also enabled us to include “on Dash Cam editing” – where you can simply edit your videos on the Dash Cam itself using the touch screen and then view and share a smaller clip showing just the incident.

Dash Cams with Touch Screen Dash Cams

Front Image of 622GW In Car Camera Dash Cam with 4K, GPS and Wifi
$399.99 $319.99
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522Gwa Nextbase Dash Cam In Car Camera
$259.99 $233.99
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422Gwa Dash Cam
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322Gwa Nextbase Dash Cam
$169.99 $152.99
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