Dash Cam footage CAN be used as evidence in court. In recent years, Dash Cams have demonstrated their ability to prove guilt, both in court and out of court, thus validating their use. In court, video evidence can set the record straight and prove who was in the wrong and at fault.

It is commonplace that if both parties are blaming each other and there is no evidence that proves one was at fault more than the other, the case can often result in a 50/50 settlement. This is where Dash Cam footage can prove vital. Whether it is your own footage or even someone else’s who wasn’t involved in the incident but managed to record it on their Dash Cam, this footage can be used as evidence, especially if the case goes to court, footage of the event is often strong towards influencing the jury.

There are certain grey areas that come with using Dash Cam footage in court. The first of them being privacy laws. In the majority of US states, privacy laws dictate that you must inform someone if you are recording them or their voice. If you record someone and don’t tell them, this could be considered ‘wiretapping’, and you could face criminal charges. On the topic of privacy, in the US you have the right to record in public places, mainly public roads where privacy is not expected. However, on private land the rules are stricter, such as supermarket car parks where incidents commonly occur.

Be Aware! Dash Cam footage you provided as evidence can work against you. What does this mean? If the case goes to court and your Dash Cam footage reveals claims you made to be dissimilar to what actually happened, your footage might enable the court to determine you were at fault.


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Can Dash Cam footage be used in court?
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