Dash Cams are meant to be discreet, so it’s important to find the precise location to mount a Dash Cam where it can capture the entire road without obstructing the driver’s view.


Aim to mount your Dash Cam preferably on the passenger side of the windshield, directly behind the rear-view mirror, if possible. To ensure the best camera view, we recommend that you avoid installing the Dash Cam within the area swept by the windshield wipers, also known as the “Windshield Critical Viewing Area,” and be sure to place it as close to the rear-view mirror as possible.


The restrictions and statutes on windshield obstructions to the driver’s view or driving mechanism vary with each jurisdiction, so we recommend that drivers research their state’s relevant code of law before mounting anything to their windshield that could obstruct their view of the road. The legality of window-and-dash-mounted devices in any given jurisdiction is subject to change at will.

Where to position a Dash Cam


For states where windshield obstructions are prohibited:


Many states technically prohibit mounting a Dash Cam or any device to your windshield to prevent the obstruction of the driver’s view of the road. Many statutes use vague language that can include any obstructing object as illegal, so if you are a resident in one of the states mentioned that prohibits windshield obstructions, we recommend mounting your Dash Cam as far removed from the driver’s view on the windshield as possible (preferably on the passenger side of the vehicle) to ensure you don’t get pulled over or cited for the obstruction. Drivers in states where windshield obstructions are prohibited are also encouraged to contact their local law enforcement, RMV or state department who has experience in the field and can give you the right information.

For states where windshield restrictions apply:


Similar to those states where windshield obstructions are prohibited, we recommend motorists who are registered drivers in states where windshield restrictions apply to follow similar steps when mounting a Dash Cam in your vehicle: mount the Dash Cam in an area of the windshield that won’t obstruct the driver’s view by any means, preferably behind the rear-view mirror, or on the passenger side of the vehicle when possible. If drivers in restricted states are to mount the Dash Cam on the driver’s side, be sure to place it on the windshield outside of the windshield wiper area and as close to the rear-view mirror as you can. We suggest testing the Dash Cam view from various angles to ensure it is discreetly positioned on the windshield while also having a full and clear view of the road ahead through the lens of the Dash Cam.

For states where no restrictions apply:


Even if there are no windshield obstruction regulations in your state, we still recommend following the same guidelines above to ensure you are mounting the Dash Cam on your windshield in the appropriate position without obstructing the driver’s view of the road.

To find out what the dash cam laws are in your local state, visit our dash cam legality page.

Where to Mount a Dash Cam
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